So what goes into making a ring??

I have thought long and hard about what my first Blog will be about... Covid 19? Kids learning online? Our economic crisis?  Drinking to much coffee? Winter's dry and subdued colour schemes? My all of a sudden love for Jane Fonda Fitness Videos (man..... those leotards!!!!)Blah Blah Blah........blah and I came to the conclusion that let's write about one of my biggest passions ( of which I have many) and that is MANUFACTURING!!!!

I just love making stuff! I always have since I was a young girl growing up in Bloemfontein I just love messing about with collages and bending thin willow branches into woven little rings, baking cake with my grandma Anna or watching my grandfather Daniel turning a leg for one of his awesome tables. When I think back on those years I realize that old school manufacturing has been in my life since I can remember and that I truly have a connection with that old way of "tinkering" and producing!  How lucky am I??

So then, what goes into making a ring? Metals and tools, fire, solder, good old "elbow grease". Patience and one massive inner conversation because it doesn't always matter how well you plan, in a nano second it all can change and the once planned design sometimes drawn on an old M&B serviette is out the door. I loveee what I do!!!

I love how metal bends and twists and flattens and curls! Add some heat, a very sharp 1mm thin saw blade and it really is like a artist using a paint brush. It is messy and intense and sometimes a massive flop, but the satisfaction that one gets with knowing I made this from a small heap of shiny small pebbles is just one of the most amazing feelings in the WORLD!!!

Then I do find myself in my own little, amazing, tinkering,cozy, beautiful Lowveld bubble and all the Covid 19, world economics and leopard printed leotards are far away from my precious little world! I love making rings and to my surprise I found out only last year that the word for rings in Italian is "Anelli", I mean reallyyyy!!!! How close can one get to your destiny?



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